Choose the Most Suitable Method ad Lose Weight as I have done it!

Hello, my name is Lucy Mills. I am a pharmacist at Landa Pharmacy – After birth and parental leave, I have gained several kilos. They deny leaving my body even when I started working again. I did not feel comfortable and started the searching for how to lose weight in the shortest possible period of time. I have watched different videos, visiting many webinars and found my own way to be in a good shape. Now, I have a desire to share it with you.

I have found my own nutritional system. Do not mix up diets with nutritional systems. Diet is a rapid method, suitable for one-time emergency use. Systems, on the other hand, are created to reduce those extra pounds and then retain the effect obtained throughout life. Systems are much more gentle. I know they do not give a quick result, but quite fit the concept of an easy way to lose weight. Everything depends on the choice. If you cannot eat after 6 pm – look for a system without such restrictions. Love to treat yourself to sweet, fatty and fried? And there is such a system. Just remember that you have to choose the way that you can follow for the rest of your life without much stress. And, of course, you need to focus on the advice of your doctor if you suffer from some diseases.

I have decided to try Atkins diet. Atkins diet refers to the so-called protein diets – weight loss systems, the main share of the diet consists of foods rich in protein. However, at the same time, the Atkins diet can be safely called excessively protein. After all, according to the main rule of the diet, all carbohydrates should be excluded from the diet for a while (which means “fruits, vegetables, leafy salads, cereals, etc.). Protein food remains in priority, it is believed that if fats are consumed in a combination with proteins in the complete absence of carbohydrates, they not only do not harm the body but even accelerate the process of losing weight.

This diet is the main weight means for me. I have used it and even got used to it. This diet helps me lose weight and keep a good shape even after the second childbirth. I have understood it cannot be useful in every person but together with exercise loading in a gym, I have the body which I have not had even in my youth. Even if you do not have time to visit a gym you may watch online courses and start shaping your body.

There are people who prefer using online courses. They are ashamed of a gym or yoga classes. People especially women found several advantages of online classes. They are:

  • save time and effort on the road: if you have a busy schedule, frequent travel, or a lot of household affairs, yoga online will help save a lot of time. The class will take only an hour and a half. And for the busiest, there are classes for 30 minutes;
  • the motivation for regular practice: it is not easy to find the motivation to practice alone. When there is a schedule, class, teacher and group, you no longer need to look for motivation. You just need to turn on the computer in time;
  • top teachers with home delivery: if there are no yoga studios in your city, to reach them far or you are not satisfied with those opened in your residence – you have the opportunity to work with certified teachers from around the world and try different directions;
  • group energy flow: practicing with a group gives inspiration, group energy, a state of flow and a feeling of support. It even works in an online format. Just try it!;
  • classes for beginners: if you have never practiced yoga and do not know from where to start it all, watch the classes for beginners, try different styles and find the one that will be suitable for you without leaving home.

Finally, I have offered you many different ways to bring your body into good shape. Why not use one of them if you are not satisfied with the present condition? When you gain more experience due to online classes you may visit a real-time class. You are welcome to choose the most appropriate method for you as I have done when facing this problem.