15 Rules to Be Safe in Sports

You don’t have to do something extreme to get a sports-related injury: a dislocation or sprain even by jogging. SpringHealth Leisure Clubs has conducted several seminars with different organizations including online ones and adjust different point of views in one pattern. As a foudation we have taken the view of Canadian Pharmacy staff. They tell […]

Online Pharmacies Contribute to Health

Todays’ medicine doesn’t stand still. It develops daily creating innovative options and approaches for health improvement. Health is an integral part of the harmonious development of every person. The concept of health includes proper health care and maintenance of mental health on a good level. Both aspects should be met to achieve harmony and balance. […]

Losing Weight Review

Hello, my name is Lucy Mills. I am a pharmacist at Landa Pharmacy – www.landacorp.com. After birth and parental leave, I have gained several kilos. They deny leaving my body even when I started working again. I did not feel comfortable and started the searching for how to lose weight in the shortest possible period […]