The beginner and improvers classes are organised as a course of lessons and must be booked and paid for in advance.

For non-members a 9 week course costs £78.75, a 10 week course £87.50 and an 11 week course £96.25.

The cost for SpringHealth members is £63 for 9 weeks, £70 for 10 weeks and £77 for 11 weeks.

Beginners – Wednesday: 19:45-20:15
This class is held in the teaching pool and is designed to build up your water confidence and therefore is suitable for complete beginners. The aim of this class is that all participants will be able to swim 10 metres on their front and back.

Improvers 1 – Wednesday: 20:15-20:45
This class is held in the shallow end of the main pool and is designed for people who can swim between 10 metres and a length on their front and their back. All participants should be able to swim. This class will build up water confidence as well as stroke technique and the skills needed for treading water.

Improvers 2 – Wednesday: 20:15-20:45
This is a lengths class suitable for people who can swim at least a length on their front and back. The main focus of this class will be on stroke technique for frontcrawl, backcrawl and breastroke. Water skills such as diving and treading water will be featured in a course of lessons.