How long is the main pool?

The indoor and outdoor pools are 33m

How deep is the pool?

At its deepest it is 3.6m

At what age can children swim unaccompanied?

Children aged 8 or over can swim unaccompanied. Under 8’s must have an adult in the water with them at all times – regardless of swimming ability.

What temperature are your pools?

We aim to keep the teaching pool at 31°c, the main pool at 28°c and the outdoor pool at 24°c.

Is your outdoor pool open all year round?

We aim to open the outdoor pool at the beginning of April 3rd to the 30th September – weather permitting.

What are your rules regarding swimming attire?

As we are a family facility we ask that swimmers are dressed appropriately in swimming specific attire. We do not permit the wearing of t-shirts in the pool or shorts/trousers that are below the knee.

Do you have buoyancy aids for public use?

We do not provide any buoyancy for use in the pools.

I forgot to bring my goggles – can I borrow a pair?

Unfortunately we are not permitted to ‘lend’ goggles for Health and Safety reasons.

What swimming/training aids can I use in your pool?

You are welcome to use your own float, pull buoy, armbands, goggles or small rubber ring in the pool. Flippers, hard hand paddles, snorkels and masks are not permitted. We do allow the use of swimming gloves.

What toys can I bring for my child to use in the pool?

You are welcome to use your own submersible toys (specifically designed for swimming) in the pools. We are also happy to allow the use of small floating toys for young children. Unfortunately we can not allow the use of balls or large inflatables such as lilos or rubber rings.

Can I leave my child unattended in a car seat/buggy on poolside whilst I have a swim?

Children can not be left unattended either on poolside or in the café and must be with a responsible adult at all times.

What happens if I forget my towel?

We have towels for purchase at Reception as well as a ‘Haystack’ dryer which is £1 per use.

Do you sell goggles?

We have an extensive range of goggles, swim wear and swim aids at reception.

Do you have lockers?

We have lockers and these are operated by a token which can be purchased from reception for £1. The token is reusable but cannot be returned to reception for a refund.

Where can I leave my buggy?

We do not have a buggy park however you are welcome to leave your buggy at the far end of the café whilst you swim.

Can I bring a picnic to eat after our swim?

You are welcome to enjoy your own food in our grounds however this can not be eaten in the café. We do not permit alcohol or sharp objects such as glass or knives.


Can I join a group lesson course mid-way through?

Unfortunately we can only accept bookings up-to 2 weeks into the start of term. After this you will have to wait for the next course.

What is the ratio of children to teachers and what is the maximum number of participants in a class?

This varies depending on the ability level of the class, the amount of pool space allocated to the class and the number of teachers. The ratio and maximum class size is kept within industry guidelines. If you would like further clarification over a specific class please do not hesitate to contact the Swimming Development Manager.

Do current participants get priority over future lessons?

The last 2 weeks of term are priority booking period and during this time the children are assessed by the teachers and are then advised whether they need to remain at the same level or move up to the next level. Parents then have until the end of the booking period to re-register the child and get priority over the classes. Unfortunately anyone not re-booking during this period loses priority.

How are spaces allocated during priority booking?

Anyone remaining in the same class on the same day is guaranteed a space in the class if they rebook during priority booking (1st PRIORITY). Any spaces available are then allocated according to the following criteria:
– 2nd PRIORITY – children changing classes but remaining on the same day
– 3rd PRIORITY – children changing days as their new class is not held on their preferred day
– 4th PRIORITY – children changing days so that they swim on the same day as their sibling
– 5th PRIORITY – children changing days
Unfortunately as our classes are very popular we can not guarantee that we will be able to accommodate everyone’s requests.

Do siblings of current participants get priority?

Unfortunately we do not offer priority to anyone not attending the current course of lessons.

Can I register my child in advance for a future course of lessons?

We can accept application forms in advance and this makes the booking process quicker and easier. However you can not register your interest in a particular class in advance of the bookings opening. Spaces are allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

My child currently attends lessons at another swimming pool and I am not sure what level the would be?

When choosing a class for your child to attend please be realistic and remember that your child will have to complete the minimum distance numerous times during the class and therefore must be comfortable. It is better for a child to start off in a class that is within their comfort zone and if necessary the teachers will recommend they move after the first lesson rather than a class that is too challenging which can be upsetting for a child and they may be asked to leave the lesson.

The following table gives a comparison between our lessons and the ASA National Plan For Teaching stages-

Stage 1 – Tadpoles

Stage 2 – Tadpoles/Moorhens

Stage 3 – Moorhens/Cygnets

Stage 4 – Penguins

Stage 5 – Penguins/Platypus

Stage 6 – Platypus

Stage 7 – Goldfish

We currently do not offer assessment or trial lessons however we run a selection of the classes during school holidays and these can be booked as single lessons so are an ideal ‘tester’ class.

If my child is in the wrong class for their ability will they be transferred to a different class?

Where spaces allow a child in the wrong class will be transferred to a different class however this is not always possible.

If a space can not be found you will be offered credit notes which can be used for a future course of lessons or any purchase from reception.

What happens if my child misses a lesson?

If a child misses 2 or more consecutive lessons due to the same illness or injury, credit notes will be offered for the missed lesson if the Swimming Development Manager is notified in writing of your child’s absence. A doctors letter or certificate may be required. Unfortunately credit notes can not be issued for single missed lessons or if a lesson is missed for other reasons.

My child has a verruca – can they still come swimming?

We are happy for children with verrucas to attend swimming lessons as usual. We would ask that any child with a verruca wears with a latex sock or has a barrier cream (such as Bazuka) where possible.

My child has been ill – when are they able to resume swimming?

We ask that any child who has a contagious illness does not attend swimming lessons. We recommend that any child who has had an upset stomach does not swim for 7 days following the illness.

What does my child need to bring to the first lesson?

We ask that children attending lessons wear suitable swimming attire. Where possible baggy shorts, sun-suits and rash vests should be avoided. Any child under 3 or who is not toilet trained should wear an aqua nappy under their swimming costume. If your child likes to wear goggles they are welcome to bring them to the lesson – however please make sure they are adjusted to fit in advance. We do not insist on children wearing swimming hats however we do ask that any long hair is tied back away from their face. Pools on the Park will provide the necessary buoyancy aids.

What happens if a lesson is cancelled?

If a lesson is cancelled due to circumstance beyond our control we will try and contact you in advance if we know more than 30 minutes in advance. I am sure you will appreciate though that sometimes we have to close the pool at short notice!

Where a lesson is cancelled we will issue a credit note and these will be given out at the end of term with the priority booking form.

Do the children receive any award or certificate at the end of the course?

Children attending the after-school classes will get the option to buy a distance badge if they are recommended to move up at a class. These can be bought from the teachers on the last lesson of term.

Do you offer private lessons?

We are currently fully booked for term time private lessons after 15:30 on a weekday and on Saturday and are not currently accepting anyone onto the waiting list.

There is some availability for lessons before 15:30 on a weekday and during school holidays. Please contact the Swimming Development Manager for further information on these.

I would like my child to continue lessons during the school holidays – do you offer any holiday courses?

Most school holidays we offer crash courses and these can be booked as any combination of days you wish. This are charged per lesson and the current cost is £7.50 a lesson.

The classes offered as crash courses vary depending on popularity in previous holidays. The crash course timetable is advertised on our website or can be picked up in person from Pools on the Park. If the class you are interested in is not offered please feel free to email the Swimming Development Manager as if there is enough interest the timetable can often be changed.

How can I contact the Swimming Development Manager to speak about my child’s swimming?

The Swimming Development Manager is best contacted via email: